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Business Finance Overview

Purple Growth July 26, 2022

Welcome to the Business Finance!

This Module will focus on how to manage finances and how to acquire capital in order to grow
your business. You will learn how to compile the different financial documents and be able to
make good financial decisions. You will also learn about the different strategies that will help in
your decision making and take action.
Hope you enjoy your journey as you add new knowledge to your New Venture Creation 4
Good Luck!
The Business Finance has five Learning Units, that is:
 Manage Finances
 Finance a New Venture
 Basic Financial Statements
 Plan Strategically
 Action Planning

Learning Outcomes

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 Finance a new venture (5 Credits – Unit standard 114584)
 Manage finances of a new venture (6 Credits – Unit standard 263474)

 Interpret basic financial statements (4 Credits – Unit standard 117156)

 Plan strategically to improve new venture performance (4 Credits – Unit standard

 Implement an action plan for a new venture (4 Credits – Unit standard 263534)

Your Lecturer

Faizel Seedat CA (SA)


Faizel is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) with 20 years post articles experience in
public and private sectors both locally and internationally. His core experience is in the
financial services sector where he has held management / senior management roles at
various banks and an Assistant Executive: Finance role at a State-Owned Entity (SOE):
National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC).
He also runs his own consultancy practice and has worked as an independent consultant
for Deloitte.

He gained experience in both UK public and private sectors, has travelled
extensively, and completed an internal audit assignment for Deloitte in Saudi Arabia.
His academic experience includes part time lecturing for the Management College of South
Africa (MANCOSA) in their Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Financial
Management course, guest & sessional lecturing at Wits Business School (WBS) in the
spheres on Strategy, Economics & Finance, lecturing UNISA 3 rd year finance B.Com. courses
at Edge Business School (EBS) and lecturing Strategic Management, a final year course on
the internationally recognised Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
qualification at the Institute of Management Accounting & Strategy (IMAS).

He has been involved with PurpleGrowth (PG) for the last 5 years and has carried out
numerous assignments including the launch of PG’s e-learning platform. Currently he is
working with the Durban University of Technology (DUT) in conjunction with local
government & SETA to formulate & facilitate a finance module for a work readiness
programme for unemployed youth.

He has a serious passion for upskilling entrepreneurs and youth at all levels.
Professional Experience
 Finance Manager, Group Engineering, Std Bank (2015-current)
 Independent Consultant, mainly work for Deloitte (2013-2014)
 Assistant Executive Finance, NHFC (2011-2012)
 Head of Finance, Infrastructure & Property, FNB (2009 – 2010)
 Finance Manager, Self Service Channel, ABSA (2006-2009)

Overall Introduction to the Module Video
Name of the Video: BF VIDEO 1 Landing Page
URL Link: https://youtu.be/Yd9euwlL8gk


Note how you will be assessed as you complete this module and its activities.
 All the Activities (Formative Assessment) for the three learning units will contribute 10%
towards your final mark.
 The Summative Assessment will contribute 90% towards your final mark.

Generic Rubric:

Rating Criteria
Poor (0-29%)

No submission received
Minimal effort applied

Improvement Needed (40%-49%)

Showed minimal effort in both interpretation and
application of the information provided in the article.
Learning outcomes not clearly understood

Good (50%-64%)

Showed a good interpretation and a fair level
understanding of the required learning outcomes

Very Good (65%-74%)

Illustrated a commendable grasp and understanding of
the given content/article, relevant to the main topic

Excellent (75%-100%)

Illustrated accurate interpretation and clear
understanding of the given content/article, relevant to the
main topic outcomes